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Learning something in specifics is definitely a good idea when you’re looking at a technical education, as you have to go with the flow and understand that each month there are going to be developments that will force you to learn quickly about things in a new way. That is the value of a good education, right there.
PTI WebTech is the best place to be in you are looking for an Android training in Jaipur, India. Equipped with all of the content that you need to in order to make your journey a success on all accounts, this is one summer course that will certainly change your life for the better, whether you’re ready for that or not.
Based on all things Android, you’ll have a specific knowledge of how to make a professional and successful mobile application with PTI WebTech and all of their talented employees that will serve as your teachers. After all, if you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best. The service and the experience you’ll get here will greatly impress you in all of your Android focus points.
The basis of a good education, however, is making sure that you get a well-rounded one. That’s why PTI WebTech insists that the students enrolled in this Android focus also get a general mobile application that will allow them to branch out in the future so that Android can simply be your starting point. Since no one knows what platform will be on top of the mobile world in a few years, you’ll be glad you did this. Android is a great focal point for sure, but it’s better to be prepared in case of a shift in the winds than not, right?
Last but not least, PTI WebTech is here to give you support throughout your educational endeavore with hands-on experience with real customers. You can learn how the business works by looking at it from the inside out and taking a look to see if this is something that you love or not. You’ll learn about the best technologies from the best giants in the business and learn about real clients and real needs. Can you imagine having an education that is any more…real than that? We think not.

Course Curriculum

  • Background mobile technologies
  • Overview of Android
  • Open Handset Alliance
  • What does Android run on?
  • Why to use Android?
  • Setup Android Development Environment
  • Development Framework – Android SDK, Eclipse
  • Emulators – What is an Emulator?
  • Android Project Framework
  • First Android Application
  • Understanding Intent, Activity & Manifest
  • Creating Application and new Activities
  • Expressions and Flow control
  • Fundamental Android UI Design
  • Introducing Layouts
  • Creating new Layouts
  • Resolution and density independence
  • XML Introduction to GUI objects viz.
  • Event driven Programming
  • Creating a splash screen
  • Android Activity Lifecycle
  • Creating threads for gaming
  • Exception handler
  • What is Menu?
  • Custom Vs. System Menus
  • Creating and Using Handset Button.
  • What are Android Themes.
  • What is Dialog?
  • How to create an Alter Dialog?
  • What is Toast in Android?
  • List & Adapters/li>
  • Manifest.xml File Update
  • Audio formats – Creating and Playing
  • Audio formats – Kill / Releasing
  • How to associate audio in any app
  • How to associate video playback with an event
  • IntroducingSQLite
  • Creating a database
  • Opening and closing a database
  • Working with cursors Inserts, updates, and deletes
  • Using Location Based Services
  • Working with Google Maps
  • Notification Manager
  • Pending Intent
  • Notifications (Show and Cancel)
  • Use Web View object in XML
  • Permission for using the Internet
  • Methods for associated with ‘Go’, ‘Back’, ‘Forward’ etc.
  • Other ways to Develop Android Applications
  • Graphics / Game development using Adobe CS5.5 Flash
  • How to render .apk file from Adobe Flash
  • Role and Use of Dalvik Debug Monitor Server.
  • How to debug android application
  • Use of Step Filters, Breakpoints, Suspend and Resume
  • Use LogCat (Verbose, Debug, Info, Warn, Error, Assert)
  • How to install .apk into your Android Mobile

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