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C Language C is a structured programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1973 at Bell Laboratories. It is one of the most popular computer languages today because of its structure, high-level abstraction, machine independent feature etc. C language was developed to write the UNIX operating system, hence it is strongly associated with UNIX, which is one of the most popular network operating system in use today and heart of internet data superhighway.
C language is a very good language to introduce yourself to the programming world, as it is a simple procedural language which is capable of doing wonders.

Programs written in C language takes very less time to execute and almost executes at the speed of assembly language instructions.

Initially C language was mainly used for writing system level programs, like designing operating systems, but there are other applications as well which can be very well designed and developed using C language, like Text Editors, Compilers, Network Drivers etc.

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