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Graphic Designing
Graphic Designing Graphic designing is actually the most universal art that has been trending over several years in order to do the best visuals. Everyone can see the millions of designs in the roads, streets, advertisements, magazines, labels, packets, clothing, banners, medical pills and also in the form of tattoos on the human body. Everything is a reflection of the graphics designing and now it has the best roles in the different aspects.
The major function of the graphic designing is to provide the extraordinary visual identity to the entities and make them different from others. As the visualization is the best way of effective communication, every individual and company now requires the graphic designing services from the professionals. It is really very helpful to do everything in a special manner with the impressive visualization....Read More
There are so many numbers of the graphic design courses in Jaipur available to learn everything about it and you can prefer PTI Academy centre to be master in your carrier. If you want to set a perfect career for you, it is better joining such courses and learning all the required software and graphic designing techniques to set your career better in this field. A graphic designer is actually a professional who turns the simple text message into the attractive visual element.
It is as well as the interdisciplinary profession requiring both the advanced technology and artistic mind. The graphic designers are using the different types of software platform like Photoshop, Dreamweaver and may things to do the graphic arts in an easier and also effective manner. Many people would like to set their profession inss graphics designing but they don’t have enough time to go to the learning centre due to the hectic life schedule.
In this way, don’t worry there are absolutely the best options of the graphic design training in Jaipur existing for you to learn all the required aspects regarding the graphic designing and its related software packages. For the convenience of the students and employees, it is better getting the online-based graphic designing services easily from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you want with the help of PTI Academy.
When it comes to the graphic designing courses, you can learn from the basic to the advanced sequential drawing techniques to draw the vehicles, characters, props, cities, interiors or anything from the various angles along with the lights, perspectives, shadows and more. From these courses, you can learn the different methods and concepts of drawing instead of the observation.
Everyone who is joining the online-based graphic design course can learn the photoshop package such as basic photoshop workspace knowledge and also the advanced graphics tricks and effects in the photoshop. You can also learn the basic illustrator workspace knowledge and basic knowledge of the coral draw workspace.
At the same time, the people can also learn some of the additional courses including colour theory, how to use the drawing tablets, typography and also designing process of the posters, brochures, flyers and also the office stationery items.
There are so many numbers of the online-based graphic design institute in Jaipur available and you have to pick the best choice among them for all your requirements. When you would like to join the graphic design courses, first of all, you should have to choose two or more numbers of the graphic design institutes and compare their features in order to pick the best choice.
While comparing the graphic design training courses, you should have to consider the features of service, years of experience, prices and additional services offered by the institute and you can get all these benefits through PTI Academy.

You will get numerous befifits when you join graphic desigening course at PTI Academy

High-End Infrastructure

High-End Infrastructure

Our High-End Infrastructure and innovative plans offer students a quality education.

Teach by Programmer

Teach by Programmer

Programming knowledge from an expert has helped students to learn in-depth programming.

Advanced Syllabus

Advanced Syllabus

We offer the advanced syllabus which boosts knowledge with the latest techniques.

Training on live Projects

Training on live Projects

Complete Live Projects training with real-time scenarios as per guided by our experts.

Globally accepted Certificates

Globally accepted Certificates

With our various courses, you will get the certificates which are globally accepted.

Placement Assistance

Placement Assistance

We help you to prepare for placement for major companies and career counseling.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to be completely satisfied with our service with 100% satisfaction.

Course Curriculum

Training Plan

Training Plan for Graphic Designing Course
Time duration Payment plan Amount
Time duration 6 Months Payment plan One-time payment Amount 35K
Time duration 6 Months Payment plan Installment Amount 10K + 30K/5
Note: All fee is excluded GST and paid in one installment


PTI Certified Graphics Designer PTI Certified Graphics Designer

Career Options

Entrepreneurs / Business Owners

The entrepreneur/business owner is one who starts and runs a business with limited resources and planning for a specific location. They are responsible for all the risks and rewards of their business according to their requirement.

Graphic designer

The graphic designer is a profession in which the designer will do the graphic design works like brochure design, logo design and much more. For becoming a graphic designer they need to opt a course for learning the essential skills.

Fashion Designer

A fashion design career can be exciting and amazing and who opts this field is called a fashion designer. Learn the steps and methods, fashion designers take to get their foot in the competitive industry with a verified degree course.

Product Designer

Product designer is those who create a new product which is sold by the business to the customer. A product designer is one of the new job roles which is coming to stay for some time in the job market. So for grabbing the job for the future.

Printing Designer

Print designers are those who visualize and design materials to be printed, such as brochures, display pieces, and mailers. Print designers coordinate with creative and advertising teams to create new material designs.

Art designer

Art designers are responsible for the pictures that catch our attention for the storytelling and sell products in visual culture. They make assure that the images used and overall visual style is perfect for printing to the digital product.

Web Designer

A web designer is those who do the designing for the websites to styling the web pages. They use many technologies but commonly rely on hypertext and hypermedia resources, including HTML, CSS and additional Web design tools.


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PTI Academy is based in Jaipur which offers internship and training with numerous job oriented courses dealing with Engineering, BCA and MCA programs. Our courses offer to achieve quality education with placement assurance.
Prerna Trimurty Infotech Pvt. Ltd is a service based web development company in Jaipur, India. We are dedicated to bringing professional and unbeatable service to all of our clients worldwide meeting their expectations.
We are located at Jaipur Textile Market in Jagatpura, Jaipur. Our office number is 418-421.
This course will take the time of 6-9 months for completion.
Yes, we will offer to work on live projects after completion of initial training so that you can successfully deliver it without any technical assistance.
The students who are 12th pass out and familiar with the English language can join this course.
Approx 15-20 working hours of training will be provided on a weekly basis.
The process is simple and hassles free you need to fill and submit the Registration form, Internship fee and some academic documents as per required.
Assignments will be assigned while training and it will be according to the detailed syllabus as per the graphic designing courses like Photoshop and Illustrator.
Yes, you will get the job in the same organisation and it's compulsory to qualify the complete interview procedure like HR & Technical round and Machine test.
The course fee is already mentioned in the above section so kindly check it from there. It will be paid in one installment along with 18% GST.
Yes, our parent company Prerna Trimurty Infotech Pvt. Ltd will provide a certificate related to the selected internship program after the successful completion.
Yes, there are many benefits as some are listed in the above section and also you will get an industry exposure after doing the training.
There will be 5 students present in a single batch.
After enrollment of all students for a single batch.
We will use the English language in classes.
web development is a comprehensive program that typically includes elements of engineering, software development, business and web design. We will provide the fundamentals of web development helps students to acquire an entry-level web development position.
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