Topic 01 Web Designing - Top Web Designer Skills You Must Have in 2020.

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Website designers and developers nowadays have a dedication to providing the most excellent assistance and services at reasonable prices. They explore the best resources and use professional techniques to provide the first-class yet reasonable prices of services. Many students in schools and colleges in our time have a crush on the prosperous career in the most competitive web development sector. They take note of the complete specifications of web development courses and improve their expertise about the main attractions of the web development courses. They can make a good decision and join in the web development course available at the lowest possible price.

Design Tool

PS (Photoshop): A powerful image processing for graphic and web design.

Adobe Illustrator: Also known as "AI", is a very useful vector graphics processing tool. Mainly used for font designs, graphic designs, product packaging designs, book /magazine layouts, and illustration designs.

Adobe After Effects: Also known as "AE", is a graphic video processing software introduced by Adobe. In a nutshell, it is a vibrant version of PS, which is very effectual with a complicated operation.

Mock-plus: a powerful interactive prototyping or wire-framing tool, it is also free for download.

Web Designer’s Technical Skills

HTML: Some people might not think that Web designers should be master in HTML, whether you are a developer or not. You should know the basic HTML/CSS. It will help you to read, edit and solve the problems in an easy and effective manner. However, depending on your actual job as a designer/developer, the level and the scope you need to know maybe even more broader. In any case, you should be aware of how styles and colors are controlled and adjusted by code. These skills are very useful in the long run. Read More

CSS: CSS and HTML are the partners in website development, and both are the basic building block of web page structure & style. HTML determines the structures of the site, where CSS handles the visual appearance. For example, CSS helps you to adjust colors, change fonts, or add attractive backgrounds. Read More

JavaScript: With the skill to write designing code in HTML and CSS, you can help to furnish yourself more competitive by learning the program in JavaScript. As a web designer, you know very well about JavaScript, which helps you to solve big problems arise in actual work. In addition to this, according to a survey of StackOverflow, JS is the most prominent programming language of full-stack developers. Read More