Top 9 Current Tech Trends in IT Sector

PTI ACADEMY   |   Oct 07, 2019   |   1453

The field of information technology is ever-expanding and there are a lot of growing trends in the IT sector. There are many technical courses which students can opt for as there is a lot of job scope. In the information technology field, there are a lot of possibilities even if the student has a diploma level knowledge or a full-fledged degree. Here are some of the Top 9 Current Tech Trends in the IT Sector.
1. Java courses Today, people knowing Java are in huge demand in many IT companies, every sector needs coders who know Java, be it banking, Financial Services, retail, aviation or Telecom. By learning Java one can focus on strengthening core parts. In a Java course, one must complete J2SE, J2EE, and STRUTS.
For more sophisticated learning one can also go to hibernate or spring. For Java aspirants, there are many frameworks and supporting Technology but one must choose the right and the most demanding one that has a huge job in the software market.
If you want a decent job in Java you need to have a diploma, bachelors or a master's degree majorly in the computer domain.
2. CISCO Technologies If you are interested in networking and types of network, have a good college about working on cables and you are curious about how the data flow to the switches. If you are interested in electronics and telecommunication and to target a decent job you need some graduation in a computer science branch or even a non-computer will do. Then you can take five levels of certifications starting from, entry, associate, professional, expert and architect. Also, the better certification, you achieve the better will be your salary and profile. There are seven different subject Areas where you can get your specialization like wireless, routing and designing, network security, storage networking, storage provider and voice.
3. SAS SAS stands for the static analysis system, with the growth of data analysis people are preparing for intelligence in business. This is a very lucrative option among IT engineers. Data Analytics is used for business planning and decision support for its accurate results, it is also used for Operational Research and project management. Remote computing ability can also be achieved with data analysis.SAS solutions are used in financial management, customer relationship management, human resource management, and many others. This basically comprises of multilevel of engine nearing architecture which is better for reporting of data management.
4. DBA The best software and highly unpredictable software in the IT industry. DBA helps in managing, maintaining and creating huge data learned very easily and quickly in a short period of time. The demand for DBA will always remain in database management irrespective of the project. So if you want to have a job ready course DBA is the best option for you.
5. Cloud Computing Cloud Computing is one of the biggest talks of the IT town. Technological Giants like Microsoft, Google, HP, and Amazon are already using cloud-based services. This is basically an on-demand self-service. Cloud computing stores the program on the server and people do not need to operate it manually. With data being Generated rapidly, there is a need for cloud computing. People can easily learn Cloud Computing who has a basic knowledge of the Internet and computer. People who have knowledge about .NET and other coding skills can easily go for the advanced models, people who Have programming skills can learn advanced cloud computing
6. Microsoft Technologies There are diverse Technologies that Microsoft has to offer engineers and IIT aspirants from the fields. Microsoft provides a bandwagon of certification courses that will help to boost the resume. Eligibility for networking and administration course is basic knowledge about computers with 10 + 2/graduation. For entry level, you should have the basic knowledge about C and C++.
7. Software Quality Testing This career option is often not known by a lot of people. Software quality testing is fresh to the industry and the truth is many large-scale projects are incomplete without the testing team. A testing team is very important for the long run because an untrusted application can be very dangerous. The testing process is very essential to identify the quality of computer software. Computer software tester helps in validating the correctness of the computer software. There are many methodologies to check the correctness of the software. Methods of testing are static testing and dynamic testing.
8. Graphics and Animation The animation industry is continually progressing and catching fire in the Global market. Recently there has been a huge demand for high-end graphics which are a product of animation and graphics. In India, the growth of animation and graphics is relatively slower than the other part of the globe. These days there have been various diplomas after Graduation Courses in multimedia which are gaining popularity. If you go for a valid degree in animation it would be a positive point in your CV. Short term courses of animation can also cover your various specific interests, storytelling, and other fine arts. The eligibility for a course in animation and graphics basic knowledge of computer and hand on experience.
9. Mobile SDKs The growth of the smartphone industry has been a lot of application software, so a career in mobile application development has become very popular. When it comes to software making, it is very vast and people have a lot of options to choose from, in terms of a platform like iPhone , Blackberry and Android. Even college students can start developing mobile applications and earning from that, initially, a student must be having knowledge in languages like Java and C ++.
When it comes to the Information Technology industry you will never have a lack of career options. There are a lot of IT trends and jobs in multinational corporations in the IT sector. When it comes to the domain of interest, you will have a lot of options to choose from in this sector. Starting from mobile application development to graphics and animation.