This Is The Reason Why Designers Should Understand Coding

PTI ACADEMY   |   May 09, 2019   |   559

Designers are the one who brings creativity with respect to the website. Web designers should be able to code their design. These days companies are looking for employees that are good in multitasking and understanding JavaScript, HTML and CSS. All the designs you have to meet comes with a deadline, so you should know the basics of web development if you are a designer you in order to have peace of mind. The industry today requires versatility if you are a designer, you also must know web development so that you don't have to rely on anyone. Multitasking will make you stand out against team players as companies these days are looking for versatility among the employees.
Understanding the limitations If you are a designer and also understand the technical perspective the designing work will get easier for you. Meeting deadlines will not be difficult if you know the technical aspect of your project, then it save both time and work. And help you to prevent any unnecessary work. Enhancing the performance gets easier as designing get easier when designers have an understanding of the codes. Also, the SEO aspect can be considered when you talk about website development if the designers are well aware that they can take care since the starting. Animation sometimes adds up a lot of bloat to the code which can be understood by the designers if they know to code and it can be executed well by them.
Improving the designs If you understand the technical aspect, it would benefit you in many ways like you can improve your design, and all the stages of creation and implementation get easier. With technical knowledge, you will know What things we must have to consider while designing. You will also know about the code complexity and maintenance and its loading time. You know the complexity of coding it can save the time of web developers and also yours. A person can definitely design without coding, but having knowledge about coding adds up to the bonus and makes you a better designer. Though the designers don't need to be full stacked developers, they should know a bit about designing.
Time-saving If being a designer you are both good at designing and coding it will be a massive time saving for you. You have to spend less time on mock-up on Photoshop. With this not only you can produce the finished product, but you also don't have to depend on developers for the Assembly. Learning the coding will give you the power to turn your designs into prototypes which can run easily. Also, if you are both into designing and coding it will open a huge array of jobs for you and bridging the distance between Photoshop and coding will get reduced.
Being more valuable When you learn to code and integrate that into your design, your prototypes can be converted to fully functional designs. With coding, you can also learn to launch your own products and add value to your current abilities. You will not have to blindly follow the advice of the designer, and you can even start your business without any technical help. Also, all the designs that you make may not be executable. So you will have to have a good understanding of CSS if you are a designer for good functioning, and checking the designs. There should be fewer conflicts between the designer and the web developer, because in this competitive design industry people are constantly thinking of collaborating to create great products spending less amount.
Technical execution While designing a lot of the technical aspects are to be taken care of sometimes there might be many technical aspects that need to be taken care of while implementing. If you know the code you can start investing time with the functionality of the components without any Technical help. If you know to code, you can easily create, update and delete any process you don't have to depend on a web developer for all these functions.
Technical execution You have to remember that presentation is the key to a good performance, hence bridging the gap between a designer and web developer is very essential. It is suggested that designers should know the basics of coding. If the team of designers knows the basics of coding it will reduce the friction between the developers and designers. The design industry is one of the most progressive fields to work in an if you know coding along web designing many opportunities will be opening for you where you can constantly innovate and learn better skills to improve. If you learn how to code, you will not have any problem in the working back-end and stepping into the line of development. Also, once you understand coding you will realize that there are many potential benefits that you could uncover.