Learn to code with these programming courses

PTI ACADEMY   |   Oct 08, 2019   |   1042

We curated this collection for new students who seek to learn programming basics. These program learning courses cover coding for beginners and teach HTML & CSS, JavaScript and SQL to Bash/Shell, Python, Ruby and C++. Learn code with our computer coding classes at PTI Academy institution. Join today.
Below are some Top Rated Programming Courses:
1. Python for everybody This programming language ​​is often used to develop web applications. That is, it creates programs that allow web pages to function with a high level of interactivity. For example, if you want to create a bot to make an automatic payment system for your customers, you are likely to use it. It is an excellent program to learn to work because it is incredibly versatile, and there is a lot of existing code on the web so you can start testing them. Python has gained a lot of popularity in these few years. Most startups, data scientists, and innovative companies like Google use this programming language very often. Many programmers and mathematicians have adopted Python because it is very easy to learn despite having an object-oriented approach.
2. Mastering Software Development in R R is a programming language and environment for statistical and graphic analysis. It is a programming language because it allows you to give instructions, using code, to your computer teams to perform specific tasks. For this, you only need an interpreter for this code, and this is what you call a computing environment. R being oriented to statistics, it provides a wide range of tools. Among other features of R, you can name its graphic capacity, which allows generating high-quality graphics, just by using the graphing functions. R can also be used as a numerical calculation tool and at the same time, be useful for data mining. R is different from other programming languages ​​that are usually designed to perform many various tasks; this is because it was created for the sole purpose of making statistics. This characteristic is the reason that R is a peculiar programming language, which can be absurd in some ways for people with experience in other languages, but it is also the reason why R is a very powerful tool for working in statistics, since it works in the way that a person specialized in this discipline would like him to.
3. Java Programming Many systems have been created and maintained with Java, and that is why there is a high demand for Java developers. There is a lot of experience and documentation in this language, thanks to its long trajectory. Java has been able to evolve in the right way and will continue to be a language with a lot of presence in this technological world. Learning this programming language may not be as easy as Python or JavaScript because of its somewhat strict paradigm. But mastering this language will bring you many benefits in your professional career. Java was chosen as the default language to develop Android applications. There are also frameworks or tools such as spring or Hibernate that allows you to create Java applications quickly and concretely. Java has many ways of being used, and you will have a lot of job offers if you know this programming language.
4. JavaScript JavaScript is the programming language that makes a web page more interactive. When you click on a button on a web page, for example, it's JavaScript that makes it look like you're pressing it. Also, the controls of the video players and the animations are usually JavaScript.
5. The Complete Android N Developer Android N is the new generation of Google's mobile operating system (smartphones and tablets). The objective of Google with Android N is to accelerate the performance of the devices by 80%. A very ambitious goal. Today, Google is already going through the second version of that preview for programmers, with some improvements over the first thanks to the feedback obtained by them. In the middle of some of the problems that were solved concerning the first beta version is the lack of linking with hidden Wi-Fi networks, tribulations with video play when using the multi-screen or the errors of the rapid response in some applications. If you are a developer and you are testing the news of Android N, here you can report more bugs. Several new features affect the behavior of the new operating system and the operation of the Android N API that are interesting for any team of application developers.
6. Multi-screen function Android N will allow users to view two applications at the same time on their mobile devices: next to each other (split-screen) or one on top of the other. In split-screen mode, the user can go the partition left or right to make a decision what size each screen is. Also, Android N has the so-called image-in-image mode, which allows a user to continue playing a video while interacting with another application.
7. Performance improvements Android N has as a priority objective the increase of the performance of the devices, specifically in the battery life, the use of the RAM and the functionality of the apps.
8. Improvement of the notification system Android N will slot in the results to all the knowledge build-up by Google in the management of notifications on devices through its Android operating system. N will have a new visual notification system, in which instead of accumulating them one on top of the other, it groups them by channels and gives the possibility to access them with a button or group. Google wants to order a large volume of alerts.