Topics 01 Drupal - How to install module in drupal 8

PTI ACADEMY   |   Oct 23, 2019   |   562

Module help drupal to preform particuler functionality. they are written in PHP. Because the module code is implemented in the context of the site, it can use all functions and access all the variables and structures of Drupal core.

There are the two common ways to add a module in drupal 8

1. Admin panel

2. Command line. click here

here we can know how to add the module by admin panal.

Below some easy steps to add the module.
Step 01

Go on the admin menu -> Extend -> install new module.

Step 02

here, two types of files available to add module

if you want to add module direct url then copy tar.gz file and paste in URL option.

and if you want to add a module folder then download the zip file.

Step 03
Step 04