5 Technology Trends to Learn in 2019 If You Want a Great Career

PTI ACADEMY   |   Oct 08, 2019   |   1245

Coming age is the age of Technology, there is Technical Advancement and people are learning the Technologies. With technology changes are in constant, people are continuously upscaling themselves and evolving according to the trends. If you have the ambition to learn new things, it will have the best return rate at the time you have invested. If you want to learn new technology Trend, there are criteria for selection. Some of the criteria or that the skill must be in very high demand. The skill must be growing faster than the number of workers so that the job market isn't saturated. The technological skill that you want to learn must be needed all around the world and it must be International. You should take care that the skill you want to learn should be useful in the coming ages. You should make sure that the technological trend which you want to learn must be picked without going to a school so that you don't have to spend a lot of money learning that skill.
1. Educator If you learn a complex topic you can teach it to others. People are living in an era, where discovering new methods and advancement in science is common. Learning these technologically advanced subjects could mean that you could teach them to others. You can also gain specialization in a particular subject and teach Complex topics to beginners. People have different learning styles and abilities, you could teach people with zero knowledge so that they become confident. Career as an educator is very promising. So if you love teaching this one is a perfect job for you. In this Messy vast sea of information, you can stick to learning one course and becoming an expert in it to teach it to others.
Web developer
2. Web developer This is one of the wider industry in the online market, which is not going away any Soon and has a huge demand. With a lot of advancement in technology, you can learn to program very easily through many online portals. Every year we are getting surrounded by software technology more and more as there is an increase in the number of website and app in the market. With a little knowledge of JavaScript, you can literally code anything on any platform, and you can learn to program everything basically if you know one language. Web designing and development is a basic technical knowledge which will help you to gain knowledge about new emerging Technologies like blockchain development, machine learning, cryptocurrency investment, and various other trends. Coding basically required zero mastering and is considered to be one of the most relevant technology Trends that you must learn if you want a great career.
Machine learning
3. Machine learning Machine learning is one of the most emerging trends in the year 2019 and is a very hot topic in the technology market. We are not very far away from artificial intelligence which will produce great changes in our lives. First, you will have to know a basic programming language like python, for that you can register on some online portal or watch videos on YouTube. You can start working on building small and simple applications and then you can gradually grow into advanced machine learning to start building your own models.
4. Cryptocurrency investor Cryptocurrency is one of the coolest terms these days. There are a lot of people out there who have been a lot of money investing in cryptocurrency, the market of cryptocurrency is very young and people have the potential to meet high return on investment if they have basic technical knowledge. Although it is extremely risky, people still work as a full-time Crypto investor. If you have high-risk tolerance you need to know about the cryptocurrency and know about their working. Also, remember to not invest more money than you are willing to lose.
5. Blockchain developer Software companies need more and more developers who understand the blockchain and can build applications which are decentralized. If you are skilled in blockchain development, The sky will be the limit for you. The technology is really fast moving and you have to upgrade yourself constantly to be on the top. You need to know what is blockchain and understand peer to peer networking. You can easily learn about this through YouTube or udemy. Blockchain Technology has been used everywhere starting from law enforcement to elections and Healthcare. Every industry today needs a blockchain, so this has a very good job scope.
If we want to accomplish something in life, it is never easy if you want to get the success you have to work hard for it and no certificate or book can help you achieve this without your sincere effort. There are a lot of things you can learn so that you stay ahead of time from your competitors. Also, make sure that the courses you want to do interests you.